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If you want to be an expert in Digital Marketing then go through these modules. This part is all about you making money from your digital marketing skills and learn how to grow your business and take it to the top or you making money while sitting at home.

For Example:- If you’re a businessman and you want to increase your sales then you can learn how to do that with our course module & even if you’re are not a businessman there are certain ways for you to earn money from your website.

  • what is online display advertising
  • Categories of online advertising
  • Display Advertising–

Rich Media Ads

Banner Ads

Pop-ups and Pop under ads

  • types of contextual marketing–

Text Ads

Video Ads

Image Ads

In page Ads

  • Modes of payment–

CPM (Cost Per Impression)

CPC (Cost Per Click)

  • what are important trends in online advertising
  • CPA and Revshare
  • What is ROI & how to measure ROI of online advertising
  • Platforms of online advertising
  • creating banner ads
  • What is E-commerce Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing Channels

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Display Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

  • E-commerce marketing Terms

Google Ad Words

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Funnel

  • Difference between online retail market and E-Commerce market
  • How to set up E-commerce store in WordPress
  • How to set Google Merchant Account
  • Add payment gateways
  • Trends in E-commerce Marketing
  • How to integrate E-commerce with affiliate marketing
  • Create google product listing ads (PLA) for an E-commerce store
  • SEO for an E-commerce site
  • What is mobile marketing
  • Create Mobile Marketing Strategy–

Make a list of mobile buyers personas

Set up your goals

Establish KPI’s

Monitor Mobile Metrics

  • What is M-Commerce
  • Create a mobile website through WordPress
  • Create mobile websites with the help of tools
  • Create a mobile app with the help of tools
  • Mobile content marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Creating a mobile application
  • Uploading mobile app in android & ios
  • Promote your mobile application & webs–

Apes targeting

Targeting via location

Targeting ads on search engine

  • Mobile marketing terms–

App Marketing

ASO (App Store Optimization)

App Reviews

App Versions

App Monetization

In-app advertising – third-party apps advertising to your users

Charge for your app – users pay to download your app

In-app purchases – such an upgrade from a free to pro version with more features or a gaming app which allows you to buy levels or upgrades.

In Ape Messaging

Mobile CRM


  • What is online reputation management
  • Concepts of ORM & why it is important
  • Strategies of ORM
  • Benefits of online reputation management
  • How to deal with criticism online
  • Diagnose & clean up your current online reputation

Google yourself

Diagnosis -which google ranking category are you

Figure out how much work you have ahead and make a plan

  • Create a positive brand image online
  • Tools for monitoring online reputation management
  • How to overcome negative reviews
  • Examples of online reputation management
  • Introduction to google analytics
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Understanding google analytics layout
  • How Google analytics insights work
  • Start with google analytics
  • How to install/setup google analytics account
  • How to get analytics code
  • How to add analytics code in a website
  • How to view google analytics data
  • Setup goals
  • Different types of goals
  • Difference between bounce rate and exit rate
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • What is funnel
  • How to setup filters/funnels in goals
  • Basic campaign and conversion tracking

Measuring custom campaigns

Tracking campaigns with the URL builder

Using goals to measure business objectives

Measuring Adwords campaigns

Course review and next steps

  • What is link tagging & how to setup link tagging
  • What are filters & segments
  • How to view reports
  • Monitoring traffic behavior
  • Introduction to niche blogging
  • Types of niche blogging
  • Choose a topic
  • When should we start a niche blog
  • Picking up a domain
  • Blog setup
  • Make a Keyword List i.e. related to your topic
  • Do some On page & Off Page SEO
  • Promote your blog through different platforms
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • History of affiliate marketing
  • 3 A’s of affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing principles
  • Affiliate marketing scenario
  • Different ways to do affiliate marketing
  • Getting you started as an affiliate
  • Top affiliate networks in the world
  • Affiliate marketing secrets