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Once you have completed our beginner’s module program & you have a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing. Once you have created your website but it’s not enough for you and you want your website to be on top of every search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.). In this section, we are going to teach you what is the strategy behind this and how people achieved it.

  • Google Adwords overview

Organic & inorganic search results

Introduction to Google Adwords & PPC

Setting up a Google Adwords account

Understanding Adwords structure

Campaign ad groups, ads, keywords etc.

Types of advertising campaigns.

Search, display, video, shopping

Understanding Adwords functionality

How does Adwords rank ads

What is a quality score

Importance of quality score


Understanding bidding strategies and its types

Creating search campaigns

Types of search campaigns

Understanding keywords

Finding relevant keywords using different tools

Types of keywords

Broad match, phrase, exact, synonym & negative

  • Creating Ads

How to write a compelling ad copy

Display and destination URL

Tracking performance and conversion

Conversion tracking and its importance

Setting up conversion tracking

Adding tracking code to your website and checking its stats

Optimizing search campaigns

Optimizing search campaigns via adgroups

Importance of CTR, quality score

Ways to increase quality score

Importance of negative keywords in optimization

Decrease CPC

Analysing your competitor’s performance

  • Creating the display Campaign

Types of display campaigns

Creating a display campaign

A difference in search and display campaigns settings

CPM bid strategy

Understanding ad placements and different websites for that.

Creating text ads

  • Remarketing

Introduction and setting up a remarketing campaign

Custom audience

  • SEO


Introduction to SERP

How do search engines work

What are the keywords and they help in Searching

Google keyword planner tool

  • On page optimization

Primary, secondary & tertiary keywords

Keyword optimization

Content optimization & Planning

Internal Linking

Meta tags creation

Using google webmasters tool and website verification

Writing optimized content/blogs for the website

  • Off-page optimization

Domain authority and ways to increase that

Backlinks and its types

Link building and its types

Do’s and don’ts of link building

Easy techniques for link building

  • Local SEO

Registration in local directories

using H card

Monitoring and reporting of SEO

Link juice

  • What is Lead Generation
  • Use of lead generation
  • Lead generation in digital marketing
  • What is a landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Difference between landing page website
  • Best platforms for landing page
  • Types of landing page
  • What is A/B testing
  • Creating a landing page & thank you page
  • Review landing pages
  • Select landing page after A/B testing
  • Converting Leads
  • What is a lead funnel
  • Track Leads
  • What Adsense is?
  • Creating Adsense account and tricks to get that approved
  • Creating your own blog
  • Placing ads on a blog